About Us


To make it super simple to support exciting climate action.

What is Climate Giving?

Climate Giving is the charity that makes it simple to support exciting climate action.  We are a registered charity (reg number: 1180221) and are based in London, UK . Climate Giving is run by a small group of young people who want to help change the world.

Why Climate Giving?

Climate change can be intimidating and confusing, and with such a complicated issue, it can be hard to know what we can do to help.

Climate Giving gives you a way to grab hold of climate change and drive action yourself. We strip out the complexity and present you with a collection of great causes, that you can support with a single donation.

We believe that a broad and balanced approach is the right way to take responsible, long-term action, which is why our donors support organisations working around the world, on a diverse range of climate action initiatives.

However, we know this is not a battle we can win with money alone.  Donating through Climate Giving is not the only solution - but it is a way to do more. A way to support real, impactful action, with a simple monthly donation.


One other thing...

We are a new charity with a big heart and big ambitions. If you think we're getting something wrong or there's something we could do better, please tell us.

Help us improve and grow.  This is your charity.


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