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Climate Change

  • What is climate change?

    Climate change is the significant, long-term change in weather patterns due to a change in global average temperatures. The current temperature increase is being driven by human activity.

    The warming is largely due to the increased concentration of certain types of gas in the atmosphere. These gasses trap heat in our atmosphere and warm the planet -the greenhouse effect. The most widely emitted of these greenhouse gasses is carbon dioxide, which is produced when we burn fossil fuels and released when we cut down forests.

  • What are the effects of climate change?

    Current effects of climate change include more frequent and severe heatwaves, droughts, floods and forest fires, more powerful hurricanes and rising sea levels. It affects the price of food you buy in the shops and the weather when you leave the house. Climate change affects almost every life form on earth. It has led to the extinction of many species and a change in the habitats and migration patterns of many more.

    Future effects, if sufficient action is not taken, are expected to include mass displacement and migration due to rising sea levels, wide spread famine due to food shortages and droughts due to water shortages, military conflicts over land and natural resources, global economic destabilisation and widespread ecological collapse.

  • Is it too late to stop climate change?


    We can stop catastrophic climate change, but time is running out and the level of action required is significant.

    Scientists predict we have until 2030 to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels (we’re already above 1°C). A temperature increase of 1.5°C is considered the ‘safe’ threshold. Above 1.5°C, the risk of extreme weather events, sea level rise, droughts, poverty and mass migration, significantly increase.

    We can stop climate change, but our action must be decisive, bold and urgent and must come from all corners of society.

  • How do we stop climate change?

    We stop burning fossil fuels. We redesign our industries and remove their dependence on fossil fuels. We invest in clean technology and renewable energy. We stop deforestation and restore broken ecosystems. We change the way we farm and the way we shop. We improve efficiency and we consume less. And we do it quickly.

    This all sounds pretty daunting, but in the longer term it creates a far better way of life. A future where pollution is a thing of the past. Oil companies don’t wield power over society. Our air is cleaner and people are healthier. There are more open, natural spaces. Our oceans are cleaner, marine life is more abundant and plants and animals have the space and opportunity to thrive.

    This is a better future that we are fighting for. A future where the world is safer, cleaner, fairer and more harmonious.

    The first step however – the most important step – is that we each find a way to engage with climate change and become a part of the solution.

  • What can I do about climate change?

    There are a number of important things you can do to minimise the impact you have on the planet and reduce your carbon footprint. Our list of 5 easy ways you can fight climate change every day can be found here

    If you want to do something outside your day-to-day life that will have a positive impact on stopping climate change, you can:

    • use your voice – on social media or in person – to show that you care and encourage others to take action;
    • join a climate protest to put pressure on politicians or corporations;
    • use your vote to bring about change; or
    • make a donation to a charity that’s taking action on climate change.

    Ultimately, we think the most important thing you can do is join a movement for change and get others to do the same. Whether it’s Climate Giving, 350, Extinction Rebellion or anyone else. Join other people who are taking action. Bring people together. We are stronger united.

  • How does Climate Giving help stop climate change?

    Climate Giving offers you a simple way to help stop climate change.

    You can donate to some of the most exciting organisations fighting climate change for as little as £2 a month. Organisations with amazing stories, doing incredible work around the world to stop climate change.

    You can plant trees, educate business leaders, fight to keep oil in the ground, affect policies, fund research, innovate, educate and much, much more – all with a single monthly donation.

    These are vitally important actions in the fight against climate change and they all need funding. You can make a real difference.

    But of course we know that climate change can't be solved through donations alone.

    We support a far broader set of actions, from political activism, to footprint reduction, to considering the impact our consumer choices have on the planet.

    Climate Giving gives you a way to do more. To join others and drive change for a better future.

Climate Giving

  • What is Climate Giving?

    Climate Giving is a UK charity that gives you a simple way to drive climate action.

    It brings together some of the most exciting organisations fighting climate change around the world and gives you the chance to support them with a single monthly donation.

    Climate Giving was founded in London by a small group of friends, who want to make it easier for people to drive climate action. The charity launched in 2019.

  • Will my donations make a difference?


    Your donations will change the world. They will help to stop climate change.

    With every donation you can plant trees, educate business leaders, fight to keep oil in the ground, affect policies, fund research, innovate, educate and much, much more. The message from scientists is clear - we need to act urgently and decisively if we’re going to stop climate change. If you are donating, or inspiring somebody else to, you are making a difference.

    Click on each of our partner organisations here and learn more about what your donations will do.

  • What is Climate Giving’s vision?

    Climate Giving’s vision is a safe and stable future, where people look back with pride at how humankind came together to overcome its greatest challenge.

    A future where we no longer burn fossil fuels. Where our cities use less energy and use it more efficiently. Where businesses understand the impact they have on the planet and take steps to reduce it. Where politicians are informed, policy is progressive and brave leadership is rewarded. Where we understand the impact we have on the planet. Where the brightest entrepreneurs are funded and encouraged to design the climate solutions of the future. Where nature flourishes and we live in harmony with it.

    A future where we are united, across society, by a determination to build a better future.

    Building this future will take time and will take action from all corners of society. Most importantly of all, it has to involve us. 

    But all too often we hear the same thing - people are concerned about climate change and want to be part of the solution, but just don't know how.

    Climate Giving makes it simple and easy to support important climate action. It gives us a way to be an important part of the transition to a sustainable future. 

  • How are my donations divided?

    You can choose to split your donations between all of Climate Giving’s partner organisations or select the individual organisations you’d like to support.  Donations will always be split evenly between your selected organisations.

    You can change your donation preferences at any time.

  • How does Climate Giving select organisations?

    We focus on finding great opportunities for change, assessing organisations on impact, effectiveness, ambition, reputation, clarity of message, availability of alternate funding, geography and risk.

    Once we choose an organisation, we chat to them about their objectives, their current initiatives and how they can make best use of any donations. Then we make a final decision on whether to invite them to join our platform.

    The current list of partner organisations is not static, it will grow and evolve with us. Importantly, this is not an all-inclusive list of all the organisations around the world that we believe are doing important work for the climate. There are many great causes out there and we can’t support them all. This is a collection of the organisations that we believe in and we feel can do great things if they are given the right support.

    It is a list that represents a broad, long-term and exciting approach to tackling climate change. A collection of great causes, with big ambitions, brought together in one place for you to support.

  • I live outside the UK - can I still make a donation?

    Climate Giving is currently only set up to accept donations from UK residents. We are working to allow donations from across the EU in the coming months, and donations from further afield shortly after that.

    If you live outside the UK and want to make a donation, please send us a message through our contact form or through social media to let us know, and we’ll try and speed up our expansion to your country.


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