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100% of your donations are paid on to your selected organisation(s) each month.

Where donors elect to add Gift Aid to their donations, we use this Gift Aid to pay for card processing fees, site maintenance and platform promotion. This allows us to offer a 100% cash pay-on model!

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Please remember, the administrative costs and the marketing spend are not the bad guys.

We could pass all your Gift Aid to your selected organisations as well, but it would mean we would be standing still. We want Climate Giving to grow as big as it can, but to do that, we need to invest internally and promote what we are doing to the world.

We really believe this is the best way to maximise the impact of your donations. For more on this, watch this TED talk by Dan Pallotta.

For more information, please see our Policies and Terms & Conditions

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Your donations fight climate change from many different angles.
You can see the area of emissions that each organisation tackles, below.


Electricity and heat 25%

Agriculture, forestry and land use 24%

Industry 21%

Transport 14%

Other Energy 10%

Buildings 6%

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We don’t claim to support all the required solutions to climate change. Frankly, that wouldn’t be possible. From large scale to small scale, action is needed around the world, across all elements of society and we couldn’t possibly bring all those actions together on one platform.

What The Crowd does provide is a way to support some of the world’s best climate action organisations, tackling some of the most important causes of climate change, all with a single monthly donation. A broad, considered and powerful way to help stop climate change.

In reality most of these organisations fight emissions more broadly than indicated above, but this graphic shows the main area of focus for the funds paid on to each organisation. For more information, click on the organisations listed above.

For more information about how we select our partner organisations, click here

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You can keep updated on your selected organisations through our Twitter feed. We also recommend you visit the websites of your chosen charities, and sign up for their newsletters.


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