Launch day for The Crowd

After months of planning, researching, and testing with the help of friends new and old… The Crowd is finally here!

So what is it and what does the future hold?

What is it? The Crowd is a new charity that gives you the power to drive climate action. You can donate to amazing climate action organisations, all in one place, with a single monthly donation.

What will my donations do? Well – lots of important things. With every donation you can plant trees, develop new technologies, fight to keep oil in the ground, reduce emissions from industry, affect policy, fund research, innovate, educate and much, much more.

You can join others who are fighting back against climate change.

What do we want to achieve? Our goal is to bring millions of people together, around the world, in support of climate action.

Our mission is to give people the power to drive climate action – and that’s what we plan to do.

Learn more: Why donate with The Crowd?

A member of The Crowd spreading the word

So…what’s next?

We’re at the start of our journey. Will it be a short journey or a long one? Will it be plain sailing or will there be stormy waters? Will we find the end of the rainbow?

Well…to be honest, we don’t know. Or at least, not yet anyway.

But here are three things we do know:

1. There is no more important journey that we could be taking.

2. We will do all we can to make it a journey that changes the world for the better.

3. We need as many people to join us for the journey as possible.

If you want to join and see where the journey takes us, you can make a donation of as little as £2 a month to support our amazing partner organisations.

You can also keep an eye on all our progress through our social channels. Check them out below.

Tell us what you think…

… we want your thoughts! As new kids on the block, we’ll be learning and evolving all the time, so we’d love your input to guide us along the way.

Show us some love or make a suggestion for how we can improve through our contact form.


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