"Plant-for-the-Planet plants trees for a better world. Help the children to save the future"

Plant-for-the-Planet’s core focus is on the planting of trees as a generation-spanning, peace building activity, providing hope and buying us time to reach net-zero emissions. To that end, Plant-for-the-Planet is supporting global reforestation and ecosystem restoration efforts.

Their adventures began in 2007, when at the end of a school presentation 9-years-old Felix Finkbeiner called on children of the world to plant a million trees in each country on Earth. This idea soon became an initiative backed by thousands. Plant-for-the-Planet was born! In the following years, Felix attended major conferences and events to invite children from all over the world to join his initiative as Climate Justice Ambassadors and to mobilize people around the globe to plant trees.

The Trillion Tree Campaign

Plant-for-the-Planet’s next goal is to plant a trillion trees worldwide.

Three trillion trees currently exist globally. A further one trillion trees can be planted and Plant-for-the-Planet wants to inspire the world to do just that. It’s estimated that these trees could capture 25% of human made carbon emissions every year.

What will your donations do?

Funds paid to Plant-for-the-Planet will be split equally between two areas:

1. Planting trees. Donations will support one of Plant-for-the-Planet’s tree planting projects. Each tree costs around €1 (87p) to plant.

2. Helping expand Plant-for-the-Planet’s global network of tree planters and organising Academies. This helps more children around the world to become Climate Justice Ambassadors.