Why donate with The Crowd?

To help stop climate change.

Join others, supporting amazing climate action organisations and fighting back against rising global temperatures.

Why split my donation between different organisations?

There is no single solution to climate change. Action is needed in many different areas and it’s needed now.

The Crowd works across the UN’s climate action areas, finding opportunities for you to support amazing organisations, doing amazing things, to fight climate change from many different angles.

The Crowd out spreading the word
The Crowd out spreading the word

Why a crowd?

Taking climate action can feel isolated and daunting. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

By building a crowd, we can come together behind a common vision for the future and channel our energy with purpose and impact. It means we can support a wide range of impactful organisations, not just focus on one.

We can tap in to the power of collective action – the strength that we have when we act as one – we can share information and ideas, and we can create an environment that supports rapid change.

What is The Crowd’s goal?

We want to build something big. Our goal is to create a mass movement for change – millions of people coming together and driving action on climate change.

But we need your help if we’re going to get there. You have the potential to have a huge impact – with your donations and your voice (on social media and in person).

We want to find people who share our beliefs and want to be a part of the journey. If that’s you, please join us.

Why now?

We have 11 years to change the destiny of our planet. The planet is warming fast and the world’s best scientific minds are agreed that urgent action is required.

People are making changes in their day to day life to limit their carbon footprint, but this alone won’t be enough. The Crowd gives people a way to drive action with the urgency that’s needed – to take decisive action on climate change today.

What happens after I make a donation?

We will keep you updated of the impact your donations are having through social media and our newsletter.

We’ll tell you about The Crowd’s growth and achievements, the exciting news stories coming out of our partner organisations and any other inspiration from within the climate action community.

You can learn lots more about The Crowd through our FAQs page. Or if you still have any unanswered questions, just get in touch and we’ll get back to you.


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