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"Shifting the world from coal to clean electricity"

They gather, curate and analyse data on the global coal to clean transition, with a focus on the power sector.

Then use that data and analysis to:

Support high impact, politically viable policies that accelerate the coal phase-out

Empower campaign organisations

Shape the global narrative on coal

What will your donations do?

Funds paid to Ember are used in their research and policy campaigning against the continued use of coal.

Coal is the dirtiest form of energy. Ember’s research shows that coal produces around 15% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions – and coal is responsible for over 19,500 premature deaths annually in Europe. The air pollution burden is even worse in countries like China or India.

Ember provide expert advice for campaigning organisations across the world, ensuring the right pressure is applied, at the right time, to close coal power plants.

Ember (founded as Sandbag in 2008) have already helped to change regulations to stop government subsidies for coal power in Europe. They’ve won reform to the EU carbon market to make coal power much more expensive. Now they’re working to stop subsidies for industrial coal too, whilst supporting cheap and clean power solutions.

Your donations help make this possible.