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Why donate to climate action?

With a problem as big as the climate crisis, do donations really make a difference? This is the exact question…

31 October 2022

Flying – Just how bad is it for the climate?

We’ve all heard that flying isn’t great for the environment – but just how bad is it and what are…

19 December 2019

Removing Co2 from the sky – what’s the deal?

It may sound like the stuff of the future but actually it’s happening all the time. Removing carbon dioxide from…

4 October 2019

Oceans and climate change – what’s the relationship?

The health of the oceans and climate change are two things that we’re talking about more and more. But how…

1 August 2019

Oceans and climate change

Innovative climate change responses around the world

Now is a critical time in our fight against climate change. As the planet warms past 1 degree since the…

20 June 2019

Noor 1 solar farm

Why half a degree matters with climate change

Our earth has warmed around 1⁰C (1.8⁰F) since the 19th century. But what does that mean for our planet, and…

6 June 2019

Launch day for The Crowd

After months of planning, researching, and testing with the help of friends new and old… The Crowd is finally here!…

27 May 2019

5 easy ways you can fight climate change every day

Climate change – it’s happening. A one degree rise since the 19th century has brought a myriad of issues. Now,…

26 May 2019

Why donate with The Crowd?

To help stop climate change. Join others, supporting amazing climate action organisations and fighting back against rising global temperatures. Why…

20 May 2019


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